Wenzel Massag

Autodidact designer for Interface Design. Photography enthusiast.

My enthusiasm for beautiful problem solving led me from my first BASIC experiments on an Atari Mega STE at the age of eleven to teaching myself about design, typography and more. My current focus is on expanding my knowledge in an unbiased fashion, for wich I have to be autodidactic. More text.

I've always been enthusiastic about beautiful problem solving. Starting at the age of eleven, on my dad's Atari Mega STE to the modern technologies I use today, I always wanted to know how things work. Thats why I started writing my own applications with 13 in BASIC on his Atari and went on to a Windows 95 PC later. My desire to understand things was my motivation to teach myself the web-technologies HTML, PHP, Javascript and CSS at the ages 14 and 15.

I was 16 when I sold my first website to my first ever customer and used the money to switch to Mac OS X. Until today I'm their first choice when it comes to online projects. With 18 I had finished school with an Abitur and with 19 I dropped out of college to serve as a civil servant in a retirement home for patients with severe dementia for 14 months. It used to be mandatory, when I was of age, for men at the age of 18-20 to serve for six months in the military or as a civil servant in a social setting. I chose to extend and finally accept a full time job there as I wasn't sure what else to do or learn.

After quitting my job in 2011, traveling for a few months and founding my one-person-company in 2012, I focused on learning new skills. For the following months I mostly learned, sometimes took a small freelance job and enjoyed life a little. One of the freelance jobs turned out to keep me busy for nine months, four of wich I unexpectedly moved to North Carolina. I assisted a european company with its expansion into the United States while they moved their center of operation to the States as well.

In my ongoing effort to keep life balanced and to explore unknown territory I took more time to focus on spirituality (not to be confused with religion) during the winter months and discovered that both, the technology and non material "worlds", could benefit greatly from more understanding of each other.
That is what I am working on right now; finding the connecting and the conflicting points of science, technology and spirituality, so I can help rationalize the mental barriers between these worlds.

I feel like these days it is important to clarify that I'm not religious, as the once clear lines between religion and spiritually aware living have been blurred to become more or less invisible. Less text.